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Why do I need a bookkeeper?

How’s business? Did you make a profit this month? Break even? Do you need to curb your spending? Without bookkeeping, you can’t answer these questions. Keeping accurate records through-out the year is a necessary part of running your business and especially important at tax time. This allows you to monitor the health of your business at any given time.   You need an accountant to navigate the tax laws. However, if your accountant has to sort through your receipts and get organized first, you’re spending too much!

How do I know if we’re a good fit?

In a thorough interview—or as we like to call it, a “get to know you session”— you can ask us questions. Only when you feel comfortable and confident in our ability should you make the decision to work with us.

How can you help my business financially?

During that initial interview, we will ensure that we have what we need to keep you on track towards your financial goals and to prepare the required reports for the accountant who prepares your tax return. Our expert accountants know the tax law and will do everything possible to get you the refund you deserve or help you minimize the tax that you owe. Call now to schedule an appointment.

What are the benefits of doing bookkeeping online?

Using QuickBooks online has many benefits. For one, the software is always up to date, and transactions are imported automatically (no data entry). It is safe and secure, with frequent backups. You may assign others with whom you want to collaborate, like us, your accountant, a partner and/or an employee. Email invoices, accept online and mobile payments, and access any report any time.

What about my paper records?

Bills, invoices, receipts, statements, etc. can be scanned and sent electronically or mailed using a traceable delivery service. We can access many bills and monthly statements online directly from your utility companies, vendors, and banks. You can even use your phone to take pictures of receipts and save them ‘on the fly.’

What if my current record keeping is not in QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online is the premier software of choice used by most bookkeepers and tax accountants. If you do not currently have your records in QuickBooks, we will

  • Set up an account for you, creating a Chart of Accounts.
  • Enter all assets, liabilities, equity accounts, and transactions from the beginning of your fiscal year (or the beginning of your business) through the present.

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